Torture Goes On

The stories on this blog, that will figure in an art installation at the Puffin Foundation Space in Teaneck, NJ, opening September 9, of the remaining prisoners in Guantanamo are part of my commitment to tell what we know about all these prisoners.  Eventually all of those stories will appear here.  It is worthy of noting that since I began that project on this blog in late January of this year, two of the prisoners there have died in mysterious circumstances.  Their stories will be included, along with any others who die before I finish.

This is part of what I can do to bring to light the horrors of the US program of torture and extrajudicial imprisonment.  Contrary to what many people in the US believe, the torture has not stopped. Parenthetically, it goes on in US prisons, too, as I write.  Torture has become a policy of the US and one that I find heinous and am working to stop.

Click here to read an article on Wired about the significance for continuing US torture of the appointment of Petraeus to head the CIA.

This article addresses things like the lack of “useful” information that can be had from torturing people, which is true; but the reason that the US should not torture is that it is a crime against humanity and violates its own and international laws.

We can know that the US has stopped torture when there is admission by the US authorities that it has tortured and when we see trials of the highest authorities responsible for that torture.  If the US does not address this matter itself, other nations may well do it and there could be something like Nuremberg for the US on this matter.

Short of that, it is not reasonable for me to believe that the US does not torture, that the individual states do not, and that torture is over in this country.


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