Torture in the US

Since working on the remaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, I have become even more sensitive to the treatment of prisoners in the US generally.  It is clear to me that torture goes on daily in city, county, state, and federal prisons in the US.

These are prisoners in Florida, not in Guantanamo

Here is a link to an article about “abuse” [read torture] of prisoners in Florida.  You can read here about the strike by prisoners at Pelican Bay in California, where torture is also practiced.   I remember reading articles some years ago about the torture and death of prisoners in a privately operated Corrections Corporation of America prison in Tennessee. [It is interesting that HCA, Healthcare Corporation of America, which enriches a group of politically connected Nashville doctors by charging exorbitant fees to deliver the least possible health care, is also based in Nashville and that a doctor is one of the founders of CCA.]  This was some years ago and I cannot now find that story, but there are many instances of torture of prisoners in the US.

The torture of prisoners at Guantanamo and the CIA and other black sites is part of a general degrading of the human person  in the US.  What can be expected when profits are more important than people, and indeed more important than anything else?  What are we doing to stop this relentless abrogation of civil and human rights?


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