Occupy Wall Street–Thrilling to See the Young People Taking Over

I went down to the Occupy Wall Street encampment on Broadway on Sunday and was thrilled to see these competent, committed young people taking over.  It was what I have longed for and I cannot express how wonderful it was for me to see them.

I saw the arrival of an NY1 public television press team who wanted to interview some of the people who had been arrested and maced by the NYPD on Saturday.

maced.jpg   Peaceful women protesters maced by police

The  officer in charge of that particular part of the abuse is said to be Anthony Bologna whose badge was captured in a photograph by one of those present. Here is a link to an article in the UK Guardian about him which includes references to some of the other officers expressing disbelief that he did.  It also mentions that Bologna is involved in a law suit stemming from previous alleged abuse.  Please do contact Micheal Bloomberg and the NY Police Department demanding the removal of this officer.  Here is a site with information about how to do that.


Chris Hedges arrived later and was interviewed. You can see what he wrote here.  I am glad to see them getting this support.  The NY Daily News featured them on the front page.  Where is the Times?  Hedges, a former member of the staff of the NY Times said they are afraid of this action.

Here is a link to the Occupy Wall Street website, where you can also see a donations page.  They need support and even if you live far from New York City, you can still help them to help all of us in the 99% who need a better world.

Below is a link to a post on the World Can’t Wait site about them and other courageous young people fighting prison abuse and repression as well.


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