Bonnie Reports On Her Experience at the Bridge

Bonnie sent this:

“… they closed down the Wall Street subway stop when I went down early evening in the rain. I had no idea what had been going on.

I jumped out at City Hall at the announcement that Wall Street would be closed on the 5 train and after walking in circles in the drizzle, routed this way then that by random police blocking off sidewalks, I first heard then found a sizeable contingent of protesters under some of the enormous arched ceilinged open areas at City Hall. Great acoustics for chanting, by the way!

One fellow who had been at the bridge, who proudly told me his Mom had come close to being arrested as she stood tall beside him, also told me the police had successfully divided up the protesters after the action on the bridge.


Again, a lot of sidewalks were closed. Near City Hall, that group of several hundred I found upon exiting the subway by following the chants were trying to decide whether to go to where the arrestees were being held or to go back to Liberty Plaza.

Some may have gone to the police station, but the rest and what seemed another contingent of lively marchers showed up and then vigorously marched back to Liberty Plaza as it continued to drizzle. I joined in, finding out slowly from people only SOME of what had happened. As we walked to Liberty Plaza I was stunned by several hundred police officers on the south side sidewalk as we marched west on the northside one. It looked like a one-on-one ratio in numbers, cops to protesters. I gulped. It felt like the possibility of further police arresting.

One female cop escorted us almost the whole way to Liberty Plaza being very VERY insistent that no one strayed onto the street and the crowd seemed pretty willing to slow down and funnel onto the narrow sidewalks though there were so many and the crowd was chanting lustily. I appreciated the horns honking approval and thumbs up people in cars were giving us and naive me did not realize that straying onto the street was a sure way to invite arrest with the cops and marched on the edges of the march sometimes on the street engaging with the cars.

I used my umbrella to emphasize the chanting. When I got near Liberty Plaza the marchers merged with the people at the Plaza chanting and bouncing up and down to musical accompaniment. I was impressed and it made me think of my anti-Vietnam days and also about those celebrated Woodstock rain-soaked conditions (I did not attend) as I walked about a little around the Plaza and saw all the soggy campout paraphernalia of the seriously committed!

Police on the northside of the street at the Plaza seemed to become more aggressive once most of us marchers had merged in the Plaza and thereupon had bullhorns insisting that we clear the surrounding sidewalks for the sake of pedestrians. One young guy yelled, “We ARE the pedestrians!” That was worth a ponder for sure.

I stayed at Liberty Plaza for a while and chanted. I was glad despite the rain there were so many. I was also glad the rain was not as heavy as it could have been.

I have been distracted by some serious things IRL, including a threat to my job, and am sorry not to have been more engaged with the Wall Street occupation up until now. I want to read as much as I can and catch up.”


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