Jack Arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

Our valiant Jack in a response recently to an email from a political organization that is part of the betrayal of the people of the US described himself as a “peaceful old man.”  He is also one who stands up for peace and justice.  He participated in the Occupy Wall Street march on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday and was arrested along with hundreds of others.

Occupiers on the Brooklyn Bridge


The NYPD “white shirts” out in force again

Jack reports this morning:

“I am not happy [nor] pleased with the subsequent arrest, time in the NYPD holding pen and a summons. BUT I did what I needed to do. Occupy Wall Street was not getting the necessary publicity. We changed that for at least one day.  I will be at Occupy on Wed and then on to WA DC for OCTOBER 2011 on Thursday.”

His rallying cry now is:

“Support Occupy Wall Street & occupy Seattle. Power to the 99%ers!”

See Jack’s previous report from Occupy Wall Street here.


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