More From Jack About Being In NYPD Custody

Jack sent these remarks in email to me over the course of the Sunday after he and the other Brooklyn Bridge 700 were arrested as he processed his experience.  They give great insight into the nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its people. Jack says:

“After they handcuffed us tightly behind our backs, we had to stand in line in the drenching rain for over an hour. When I was soaked to the bone, I shouted out that my nose was running like a waterfall. Of course I could not reach my nose, no matter how I tried. A fellow protester turned his back to me and said to use the shirt on his back to blow my nose. The police could reduce us to animals but they could not own the Love we shared. My thanks to my unnamed friend.”

He remarked too that he had “bruises from the excessive time I had to wear the NYPD handcuffs.”  He continued:

“Thinking about the police conduct, other than items associated with the arrest, which were very physical, they played a number of Mind Games designed to screw up our thinking.

“Overall, I think the police pranks created more unity and strength Among the Brooklyn Bridge 700+. It was like a schoolyard with bully counselors. Most of the arrestees were peaceful adults. Being treated that way, created 700 better peaceful demonstrators. Next time some of us will march peacefully with little respect for the NYPD. They will all be viewed like White shirt Toni Baloney. We will exercise our Constitutional rights with less fear. We can take your crap. And as to Mayor Bloomberg, you have supervised a mass arrest. What do you plan next, a mass hanging? I  must plagiarize, ‘I regret I only have one life to give to my Country,’ the 99%ers! and yes I will be non-violent.”

  Jack Smith, peaceful warrior for the 99%


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