Defending Against Enemies Domestic

Below you can watch a powerful clip of the defense by Marine Sargeant Shamar Thomas of the peaceful citizen protesters of Occupy Wall Street.

Sargeant Thomas reminds me of some of the veterans I met at Camp Casey and in the anti-war movement generally.  This kind of warrior defied some of my notions about soldiers.  I came to believe that they would defend “their people” to the death with their bare hands if necessary, though they are very smart and would have exhausted a lot of other options before getting to that desperate stage.  They would not, however, attack anyone unprovoked, they might not attack anyone actually, provoked or not.  They defend.  These women and men have been horrified at the use that the US has made of their service.  Some of them have refused deployment to fight US wars of aggression like Sgt. Mathis Chiroux and Lt. Ehren Watada.  Others have become strong and faithful anti-war activists like Colonel Ann Wright pictured below.

Col. Ann Wright

Sgt. Matthis Chiroux

Lt. Ehren Watada

I am glad to have met people like this who show me that my ideas and stereotypes are often mistaken.  I thank all military personnel in the world who will not attack others and who defend their people from the domestic enemies who threaten them.


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