Abdel Qadir Al Mudafari

Abdel Qadir al-Mudafari, from Yemen, is another of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay about whom contradictory information makes any real understanding of his situation nearly impossible.

A common claim in US military documents at Guantanamo, most probably from another prisoner under torture, was that he was a body guard of Osama Bin Ladin.  A large number of his fellow prisoners are accused of the same thing by unnamed sources.  The sheer number of the claims makes them improbable, in addition to the probability that information about prisoners was exacted from others under torture.

It does appear, according to Andy Worthington, that Abdel Qadr al-Mudafari said he wanted a struggle or jihad and went to Afghanistan rather than Palestine.

Unsubstantiated allegations about him from unknown sources sometimes contradict one another.  He is said to have been a trainer (another of the frequent allegations against many of these men, the sheer number of them casting their accuracy into doubt) at al-Farouq training camp and had been at the “Taliban Supreme Leader’s” compound, against which there are assertions from unknown sources that he never affiliated with the Taliban because he was against them.  He is said to have studied in Yemen with Sheikh Muqbil al-Wadi, who spoke out against bin Laden.  All unsubstantiated allegations may have come from other prisoners under torture and would never stand in any real court proceedings.

Abdel Qadr al-Mudafari himself says that he traveled to teach the Qur’an.

Like all the other prisoners in Guantanamo, Abdel Qadir al-Mudafari has been tortured and imprisoned in conditions that defy US and international law without charge for nearly a decade.  He should be released immediately and indemnified for the atrocities he has endured.


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