Oakland Police, among the most brutal, fire on peaceful protesters

Marine veteran Scott Olsen, who survived his service in the most vicious military in the world today and is now a member of Veterans for Peace ,  while accompanying Occupy Oakland, was shot at close range  by police with some supposedly benign projectile that has left him with a fractured skull and swelling of the brain.  You can read the Guardian article about it here, if you have not already.

Scott Olsen

Also you can read  here, where there are links to a number of articles. Many other protesters were injured in the armed police assault as well.

Injured Protester

The US media and government officials like Hillary Clinton decry the attacks on peaceful protesters in other countries without much attention to the same behavior within its own borders against its own citizens and residents.

I have made two calls to the Oakland government demanding the removal from office of Mayor Jean Quan and Interim Chief of Police Howard Jordan.

You can call 510 444-2489.

Violence against protesters in Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver are reported as well. Now is the time to stand up for our rights as human beings.  If you can’t go to the streets yourself, at least call, write, and get information from reliable sources, not the US media.  It is time for us all to educate ourselves.  The occupiers are modeling alternative ways of living and working together. Things do not have to be this way.  They will continue to degrade, however, unless, we learn about alternatives and take actions.


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