More Evidence, If Any Were Needed

Speaking at a human rights conference at Bard College, retired US air force colonel Morris Davis, the former chief prosecutor at the Guantanamo Bay torture camp who resigned in protest, described the interrogation of prisoners as torture.

Retired Colonel Morris Davis

As reported by the Guardian today, Davis said that military personnel had been ordered to use unlawful procedures by civilian politicians.

Ultimately, he resigned and has spoken out against these practices.  It is worthy of noting that military personnel have also spoken with Scott Horton, the lawyer and journalist who broke the story of the “suicides” at the torture camp which could not possibly have been suicides.

Davis, who had been judge advocate for the US Air Force and is an expert on the law of war, is now the executive director and counsel for the Crimes of War project based in Washington.  He challenges not only the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo and other US black sites, but the notion of a “war on terror.”

The conference at Bard College was organized because the 10th anniversary of Bush’s executive order to establish military commissions to try terrorist suspects is November 13th.

Ten years of this torture is enough.  No More Torture is my cry.


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