Finally, they have come!

I am so proud of the  youth who are showing us all how to build a better world.  When the city destroys their camp, they do not go home and weep. Rather, they continue with their plans for a big, festive day of protest all over the city on Thursday.  The combined efforts of the city, the FBI, and other repressive agencies cannot stop them.

Return to Liberty Square

What really moved me, too, was the cooperation and collaboration of the students from a number of campuses who will walk out of classes tomorrow and rally on Washington Square before marching down to Foley Square to meet the OWS group.  I plan to be there on Foley Square again where I have been many times before with a handful of people to see again what it is like to be with a huge crowd.

If you are able to, join us there.

Here is a link to the OWS site and another to plans from that site for November 17.


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