We have seen the peaceful OWS protesters beaten viciously, sprayed with toxic chemicals, their possessions thrown into dumpsters and the occupiers throw into jail.  This violent, brutal suppression of persons exercising their constitutionally protected rights to assemble and to dissent cannot go unchallenged if we do not want to see our rights continue to disappear.

Here is a link to a site where you can sign a call for a massive protest and participate in the action being planned.  There is a meeting this evening and the next few Thursdays in NYC at Judson Church at 6:30.  Go if you can.  A date for this action will soon be announced, definitely plan to participate in the event.

For those of you in other cities, sign and pass on this call and begin to organize something where you are.  We cannot let this repression go without a strong response and hope that things will get better with the spring weather.  Unless we let the powers and the world know that we do not approve, things will only get worse.


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